Why Outplacement?

6 Reasons Outplacement Services should be offered to retrenched employees

The retrenchment process is tough for all concerned and needs to be handled in a very sensitive manner. This is where a professionally managed outplacement program can be of great assistance to both the employee and employer.

Following are some compelling reasons why we believe outplacement services should be offered to retrenched employees:

1 Outplacement offers the employee support at a time of vulnerability

An outplacement service provides the employee with the opportunity to talk about the impact of retrenchment and an avenue for rebuilding any lost confidence.

2 Outplacement helps the employee to develop a plan for their next career step

With the assistance of a professional outplacement consultant, the employee can map out their career options, which may include similar employment, employment in a fresh field or interim contract work.

3 Outplacement brings the employee up to date with the current employment market

How much has the employment market changed since the retrenched employee was last searching for a job? Do they know how to get the best results from working with job boards, recruitment agencies, LinkedIn? Outplacement can provide advice on today’s employment market.

4Outplacement hones interview skills

When was the last time the retrenched employee had a job interview? Outplacement programs provide training and preparation in up to date interview techniques to enable them to perform at their best in the interview.

5 Providing outplacement support is a way of saying “thank you for your efforts”

Offering an outplacement service to a retrenched employee is a simple way of showing the organisation’s appreciation for their contribution.

6 It’s good corporate citizenship

Sometimes tough decisions need to be made. Handling them in a thoughtful manner by offering support for the retrenched employee is the right thing to do. It can also make a huge difference in the way your organisation is perceived by the staff who remain.

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